A False Reality

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From the moment we are born, the institutions of the planet own us – our lives are not our own. They give us a number and enter us into a system that not only traps us, but one of which most people have no idea they are even a part of. As we grow we are trained, cajoled, enticed, and manipulated.

The very toys we are given to play with are manufactured to control our minds. The food we are given poisons us and ensnares us in a cycle of addiction. The system around us ensures we have no choice but to learn the teachings of an elite that wishes to maintain control over us. By using their own methods against them, we can reveal their subtle ways. The simplest methods, such as AIDA, are used every moment of every day. It begins with A, Attention. They then keep our I, Interest and build a D, Desire and call us to A, Action. Whether it is work, play or war, these methods are employed to control us and we don’t even realize it. From television to the Internet, from books to music, from groceries to energy, from politics to religion, our lives are not our own. It’s time to rip our minds away from the beast that devours our souls and live for ourselves.

Directed by Warren Croyle. DVD, 60 minutes plus special features.

“This far-reaching and controversial documentary puts forth a theory that politics, religion, media, books, and music form a web of conspiracy designed to enslave the populace via insidious indoctrination, and calls for action against these forces.” ~ Violet LeVoit


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