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    SHIP WITHOUT A COUNTRY: Eyewitness Accounts of the Attack on the USS Liberty


    “When the story of the Liberty does come before enough people, it could prove to be the linchpin upon which very real reform of misguided U.S. policies in the Middle East—the ill-founded ‘special relationship’ with the state of Israel—will finally come about.”—Michael Collins Piper

    When one considers that thousands of books, articles, essays, documentaries and blockbuster films have been made concerning pivotal events in history such as Pearl Harbor and the assassination of JFK; at the same time we need to ask: Why has no such attention toward the attack on the USS Liberty (June 8, 1967) taken place? After all, had the ship been sunk as planned, it would have kicked off a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union.

    SHARE the WEALTH: Huey Long vs. Wall Street



    Huey P. Long:
    Just the Facts: A Biographical Sketch 13

    Lots of Opinions (About Huey P. Long)
    Huey’s Contemporaries Remember the Kingfish 19

    “The only road to salvation . . .”
    Hermann Deutsch on Huey’s campaign for Mrs. Caraway 21

    “We who know him best, love him most . . .”
    Gerald L. K. Smith on Huey, the public figure … 21

    “He has done a vast amount of good for Louisiana . . .”
    Raymond Gram Swing on Huey’s accomplishments 22

    “The most colorful figure I have interviewed . . .”
    Roy Wilkins recalls his interview with Huey on race relations 26

    “I editorially criticized his tightening grip on our state . . .”
    Long critic Hodding Carter recalls his fight with Huey 27

    “He was head and shoulders stronger . . .”
    James Farley on Huey’s presidential ambitions 28

    Huey’s mind: “more clarity, decisiveness, and force . . .”
    Raymond Moley on the brain power of Huey Long 30

    “He gave the people tax exemptions . . .”
    John T. Flynn on Huey Long’s populist policies 31

    “He had a big strong voice . . .”
    John Fournet—a witness to Long’s assassination 34

    Huey’s traits: “So distinct and so full of color . . .”
    The New York Times remembers Huey—grudgingly 35

    “That fearless, dauntless, unmatchable champion . . .”
    Populist Republican Sen. William Langer on Huey Long 37

    Huey P. Long (In His Own Words)
    From Huey’s Writings and Speeches 39

    “Redistribute the wealth” and restore America . . .
    Huey explains the problem with the American economy 41

    “The organized 600 families who control the wealth . . .”
    Huey champions the people over the plutocrats 42

    “Rockefeller, Morgan, and their crowd stepped up . . .”
    Huey says it’s time for the big money interests to share 45

    “America must take one of three choices . . .”
    Huey calls for the nation to face reality 46

    “We propose to limit the size of all big fortunes . . .”
    Huey lays out his plan to “Share the Wealth” 53

    “Our plan would injure no one . . .”
    Huey explains that his policies will benefit all people 65

    “Too few of our people owned too much of our wealth . . .”
    Huey demonstrates the source of America’s troubles 74

    “Life, liberty, and happiness to all people . . .”
    Huey promises the end result of his policies of reform 93

    A Final Word . . .
    Who Killed Huey P. Long? 99


    “We are not going to have this good little America here long if we do not take to redistribute the wealth of this country . . .”


    Huey Long, speech in the Senate April 29, 1932

    “The great and grand dream of America that all men are created free and equal, endowed with the inalienable right of life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness— this great dream of America, this great light, and this great hope—has almost gone out of sight in this day and time, and everybody knows it; and there is a mere candle flicker here and yonder to take the place of what the great dream of America was supposed to be.

    The people of this country have fought and have struggled, trying, by one process and the other, to bring about the change that would save the country to the ideal and purposes of America. They are met with the Democratic Party at one time and the Republican Party at another time, and both of them at another time, and nothing can be squeezed through these party organizations that goes far enough to bring the American people to a condition where they have such a thing as a livable country. We swapped the tyrant 3,000 miles away for a handful of financial slave-owning overlords who make the tyrant of Great Britain seem mild.

    Much talk is indulged in to the effect that the great fortunes of the United States are sacred, that they have been built up by honest and individual initiative, that the funds were honorably acquired by men of genius far-visioned in thought. The fact that those fortunes have been acquired and that those who have built them for the financial masters have become impoverished is a sufficient proof that they have not been regularly and honorably acquired in this country.

    Even if they had been that would not alter the case. I find that the Morgan and Rockefeller groups alone held, together, 341directorships in 112 banks, railroad, insurance, and other corporations, and one of this group made an after-dinner speech in which he said that a newspaper report had asserted that 12 men in the United States controlled the business of the nation, and in the same speech to this group he said, “And I am one of the 12 and you the balance, and this statement is correct.”

    They pass laws under which people may be put in jail for utterances made in war times and other times, but you cannot stifle or keep from growing, as poverty and starvation and hunger increase in this country, the spirit of the American people, if there is going to be any spirit in America at all.

    Unless we provide for the redistribution of wealth in this country, the country is doomed; there is going to be no country left here very long. That may sound a little bit extravagant, but I tell you that we are not going to have this good little America here long if we do not take to redistribute the wealth of this country.”


    RUSSIAN POPULIST: The Political Thought of Vladimir Putin


    Matthew Raphael Johnson received his Ph.D. in comparative politics and political theory from the University of Nebraska in 1999. Working largely on classical political thought throughout the 1990s, he shifted to Slavic studies near the end of his graduate education. His first book, published also by The Barnes Review, was The Third Rome: Holy Russia, Tsarism and Orthodoxy. He has also published widely on Balkan politics, Russian and Ukrainian literature, as well as contemporary politics through the lens of the Orthodox church. An increasingly well known expert on Russian history, Matt has written numerous articles that have been published in major journals in several languages.

    His first position out of graduate school was to assist in researching (and eventually editing) The Barnes Review, and doing research and writing for both The Spotlight and later, American Free Press. Converting to the Russian Orthodox Church in the late 1990s, Johnson also received a monastic theological education from the Monastery of the Holy Name in West Milford, NJ. Married with two young children, Johnson makes his living writing as a freelance researcher, teaching at several universities, and writing full-time in the anti-globalist movement.

    He is also author of several books in addition to The Third Rome, including: Sobornosti: Essays on the Old Faith; Heavenly Serbia and the Medieval Idea; Orthodoxy, Autocracy, Nationality: Lectures on Medieval Russia and The Ancient Orthodox Tradition in Russian Literature.

    One of Johnson’s overarching projects is to continue the work of Gogol in reconciling Ukrainian and Russian nationalism through the lens of a shared Orthodox faith and monastic tradition.

    Synthesizing the Romantic movement of Herder and Kostamarov with the Orthodox, Slavophile approach to philosophical topics is his all consuming idea. Convinced that the East is well poised to continue the battle against globalization, Johnson’s approach is to borrow heavily from the Orthodox monastic tradition is situating man within an ethnic, agrarian and localist order.

    PERFIDY: The Government Cabal That Knowingly Abandoned Our Prisoners of War and Left Them to Die


    Senator John McCain has always gotten a free ride from the Controlled Media in America. He’s been a regular guest, more than any other member of Congress, on the weekend chat shows, and he’s always portrayed as a “reformer.” Even more so, the average American is convinced that McCain is a “war hero” who’s popular among his fellow former prisoners of war (POW) and among the families of America’s POWs and those still missing in action (MIA). This shocking book from two experts demonstrates otherwise. Co-authored by a career military man, retired Army Sergeant John “Top” Holland, and his coauthor Rev. Patrick Bascio, PERFIDY: The Government Cabal That Knowingly Abandoned Our Prisoners of War and Left Them to Die is the incredible story of how high-ranking U.S. government officials in the diplomatic and intelligence communities, along with certain elements in the military, have actively collaborated to cover up the fate of American POWs and MIAs. And as the authors demonstrate beyond any question, McCain, himself a former POW, has been perhaps the most adamant roadblock on Capitol Hill in getting to the truth about the POW/MIA controversy.

    On the Road to AMERICAN SOCIALISM: A Christian Perspective


    The new book On the Road to American Socialism: A Christian Perspective, by Al Hays, Ph.D., PE, reveals to us that socialism is the indisputable cause and the vehicle for our national problems of today. From a degraded, coarsened culture to freely allowing illegal immigration to the abysmally poor performance and results of our public schools, Hays shows these issues bear a relationship to the stated goals of socialism.

    Most Americans know little of socialism, nor do they care. Yet all of the injustices and unlawful practices discussed in this book are shown to be the secret goal of socialists: To destroy our nation financially and culturally, as advocated by Italian socialist Antonio Gramsci, and to enslave us all with totalitarianism and pure socialism.

    This author has discovered that socialism began with Karl Marx secretly as an expression of his intense hatred of Christ and His Gospel, which explains the fierce anti-Christian bias prevalent today in America and elsewhere that reigns in the media.

    Ample evidence is provided in the pages of this book to prove from original source documents that socialism deliberately intends to do evil in the name of good. Specifically, it seeks to abolish, destroy or weaken these vital human institutions: private property, capitalism, freedom, individuality, nationality, the traditional family, religion, morality and eternal truths. Thus, Hays shows us that socialism is the animating vehicle for almost all human evil in its insane desire to control others—because socialists cannot control themselves.

    Hays’s book is written from a Christian perspective for many reasons. First, it is because our nation did much better beginning with a strong Christian basis than we’ve done since then under secular humanism. The church provided a moral basis then, although imperfect, that served as a binding agent for our early culture and government that is totally absent today. Secondly, Christianity asks us to individually represent Christ in the real world. Today, the church has been slowly liberalized with its impact greatly diminished when it comes to government and culture. And it’s obvious that the media greatly assists in this unfortunate outcome.

    As everyone knows, we face an overwhelming variety of national problems, such as our nearly infinite public debt, our Mideast wars that accomplish nothing of value to America, huge unemployment, rampant abortions, illegal immigration and deliberate media and government vilification of law-abiding Americans like tea party members and Christians.

    Hays contends that Christians, pastors and churches must especially become educated in these matters and become active to restore this nation. Otherwise the Gospel of Christ will be greatly curtailed. So, he concludes, we must act now—or go down to slavery.

    By Ronald F. Avery, AIA



    The HIDDEN FACTS behind the COVER-UPS: The uncensored TRUTH about the highest-profile MURDERS in world history . . .

    The stories behind the headlines that made news across the globe. Murderers, hit men, guru cult leaders, school shooters, and cold-blooded political killers . . . In this latest exposé by AMERICAN FREE PRESS’s no-holds-barred investigative reporter Victor Thorn, 16 of the most high-profile cases that have shocked citizens in America (and the world) for the past 50 years are tackled. We guarantee you have never seen this information assembled in one book before!