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    Culture Jihad


    Political columnist, commentator, author, and radio host Todd Starnes addresses this issue and more in Culture Jihad. He believes that if good-hearted patriots rise up together we can stop the jihad. It is possible to keep America great.

    Privileged Victims


    Privileged Victims zealously exposes the lies and myths behind:

    • The #MeToo movement that redefined sexual assault and rape to include simple regret, ruining the lives and careers of countless men
    • Hoax hate crimes, a key feature of the privileged victim class
    • The debate over our jungle-like immigration system, dumbed down by a scheming national news media to ugly charges of racism and xenophobia
    • Hollywood, which no longer aims to produce high-quality entertainment, but to virtue signal and promote “social justice”

    And so much more.

    Silent No More


    In silent no more: how I became a political prisoner of Mueller’s “witch hunt,” New York Times bestselling author of Killing the Deep State Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. meticulously details the psychological torment he was subjected to in what the media has simply called, “The Mueller Investigation.” Dr. Corsi creates a compelling case indicating that the entire matter is an investigation in search of a crime–to force lying testimony from witnesses if that’s what it takes to achieve Deep State political objectives”–


    Follow the Money


    Follow the Money exposes the labyrinth of connections between D.C.’s slimiest swamp creatures—Democrat operatives, lying informants, desperate and destructive FBI agents, Obama power brokers, CIA renegade John Brennan, George Soros, and more—who conspired to attack Trump by manufacturing one bogus scandal after another.

    Bestselling author, podcast favorite, and Fox News contributor Dan Bongino delivers the third and most shocking of his acclaimed series chronicling the Deep State war against Donald Trump. Starting with the Trump impeachment hearings, Bongino works forward and backward to piece together the connections of a vast, well-funded cabal of wealthy Democrats and D.C. swamp elite to the non-stop deluge of manufactured scandals launched specifically to attack, destabilize, and ultimately remove Trump and his administration.


    Actively Unwoke


    The woke have taken over every major institution in this country—the schools and universities, corporate America, the media, and the government. It’s time to fight back. Actively Unwoke will show you how.

    For the last several years, we’ve watched as woke political activists have staged destructive protests, destroyed businesses, hurled accusations of racism and white supremacy around as if those terms mean nothing, and publicly bullied and canceled anyone who disagrees with them.

    These authoritarians claim to represent social justice, but they are about one thing: power. Their goal is nothing short of cultural revolution. So what do we do about it?

    Actively Unwoke explains what’s going on and decodes the language the woke are using so that you can understand what we’re up against.

    To inspire you and explore actionable strategies you can take, Karlyn Borysenko looks at ways real people have fought back in the real world. This includes fighting back in the schools, knowing how to act when the woke come to work, taking a stand with your elected leaders, and even a few subversive strategies just for fun.

    This book also reveals how to survive cancelation (yes, it’s possible) and how to take care of yourself as you join a ragtag group of misfits to do battle with the greatest existential threat of our time.

    If you ever wondered what you would have done during the Civil Rights movement or in 1930s Germany, the answer to that question lies in what you are doing now. This fight isn’t about left or right, Democrat or Republican. It’s not about liberal values or conservative values.

    It’s about protecting American values.

    This book will give you everything you need to join the unwoke army. It’s not enough to just be unwoke anymore—it’s time to be actively unwoke.

    Veterans’ Lament


    What is happening to our country? This question is heard more and more frequently these days as Americans worry about the unrelenting attacks by so-called progressives on the foundation, core values, and history of our nation. Nobody is more concerned than those Americans who volunteered to serve in uniform and willingly put their lives on the line to protect the United States and all it represents. Based on interviews by the authors, this book explains why many of our American heroes believed in and loved our nation enough to go into harm’s way to defend it, and why so many of them now question if America is still the country they fought for. More importantly, it asks—is America still worth fighting for?

    The Quotable Joe


    A collection of the most racist statements, lies, made-up stories, and dumbfounding moments of Joe Biden’s entire career.

    Former vice president Joe Biden has said many things throughout his career where he has put his foot in his mouth, flat-out lied or flip-flopped on his votes, made up false stories, plagiarized, and said racist comments.

    Things have not changed for “Sleepy Joe” since he decided to run for president in 2020. During his run on the 2020 campaign trail, he’s told people at campaign rallies to “vote for someone else” and has called them “lying, dog-faced pony soldiers.” Throughout this book, you can expect to find some of Biden’s most off-the-wall statements that make him the most embarrassing candidate to ever run for president.