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The atomic bomb program was created and guided by a secret cartel, called by author David Dionisi “The Brotherhood of Death,” also known as the New World Order, that infiltrated the U.S. government. By the 19th century their tentacles had already reached every corner of the globe and in the 20th century their influence over the Western world’s economies and governments was so great that they often played a major role in initiating major conflicts. Atomic Bomb Secretsreveals these and many more secrets: the city of Nagasaki was the center of Christianity in Japan; the Urakami Cathedral was ground zero for the Nagasaki bomb attack; Nagasaki’s 50,000 Christians had become a genuine threat to the NWO’s world plan and needed to be annihilated; the NWO’s plan for world government has historically been frustrated by Christianity.

After you read Atomic Bomb Secrets, you will understand why the true history of the atomic bomb has been suppressed.

Dionisi provides “historical cleansing” examples including the May 1995 Smithsonian Institution’s 50th anniversary exhibit, which was canceled because the facts threatened to unravel five decades of lies. Martin Harwit, the director of the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, said, “50 years may not be enough time to prepare the nation to confront such a history.”

Dionisi provides concrete evidence that atomic bombs were used to advance a world government agenda.

When you finish this book you will understand why the Trinity Site national landmark and almost all other atomic bomb related monuments communicate secret messages. This book is the product of first-hand research in Belgium, Canada, Egypt, England, Ethiopia, Gaza, Germany, Ghana, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Liberia, Luxembourg, Qatar, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, the United Arab Emirates and the United States, and is offered with the hope that revealing the truth will help prevent nuclear weapons from being used again and ensure that a third world war will never happen.

Softcover, 227 pages

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