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Michael Collins Piper

There’s no doubt about it—Michael Collins Piper (July 16, 1960–May 30, 2015) was one of the Israeli lobby’s primary targets today . . .

Piper was truly the author the Israeli lobby loves to hate. Repeatedly attacked over the years by propagandists for Israel, Piper is undaunted, despite the fact his life was threatened by Irv Rubin, violent leader of the terrorist Jewish Defense League. Once, after discovering a wiretap on his telephone, Piper noted wryly, “The Vatican didn’t put that wiretap there.”

In the style of his combative, colorful great-great-grandfather, famed bridge builder “Colonel” John Piper—surrogate father and early business partner of industrial giant Andrew Carnegie—the outspoken author relished any opportunity to confront his many critics, although they refused to debate him.

Like his ancestor, Piper was a bridge builder in his own way: He had lectured around the globe in places as diverse as Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates; Moscow, Russia; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Tokyo, Japan; Tehran, Iran and across Canada. Police-state-minded advocates of war and imperialism were always disturbed at Piper’s energetic efforts to forge links of understanding among peoples of all creeds and colors.

A lover of dogs, cats, and all animals and an unapologetic old-style American progressive in the LaFollette-Wheeler tradition, Piper rejected the labels of “liberal” and “conservative” as being archaic, artificial, and divisive, manipulative media buzzwords designed to suppress popular dissent and free inquiry. On one occasion Piper was offered a lucrative assignment in a covert intelligence operation in Africa, but turned it down, preferring his independence—a position in keeping with his ethnic heritage: another of Piper’s great-great-grandfathers was a full-blooded American Indian.

Sourcing much of his writing from his library of some 10,000 volumes—including many rare works—Piper was a contributor to American Free Press, the Washington-based national bi-weekly, and the historical journal, The Barnes Review. One media critic hailed Piper as one of the top 25 best writers on the Internet.

Throughout his career, Piper led the way on several major stories. In 1987, he was the first to expose the Justice Department frame-up of Pennsylvania State Treasurer Budd Dwyer that led to Dwyer’s shocking public suicide. Piper was also the first to expose San Francisco-based Roy Bullock as an operative for the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), a conduit for Israel’s Mossad, involved in illegal spying on American citizens. This was seven years before The New York Times confirmed Bullock’s ADL link. The ADL will never forgive Piper for his pivotal front-line role in unmasking Bullock.

Piper was the only journalist to dare to assert that the Oklahoma City bombing was a Mossad “false-flag” operation aimed at implicating Saddam Hussein—a scheme derailed by U.S. investigators who rejected Israel’s machinations, opting instead for another “lone nut” cover-up. Piper’s pioneering work on Israel’s role in 9/11 has been echoed by truth seekers and damned by defenders of Israel for its accuracy

Piper passed away in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho on May 30, 2015.

You can see the complete listing of Mike’s book published by AFP here.

Below are just a few of his remarkable books:


Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy, Volumes 1 & 2, 7th Edition

When this book was first published, it was the most radical JFK assassination investigative work ever. The fact that Piper dared to link the crime directly to Israel shocked the world and caused the book to be widely banned.

We cannot understate the power and importance of this title.

It documents that JFK’s efforts to prevent Israel from building nuclear weapons of mass destruction played a key role in the conspiracy behind his assassination.

Elements of the CIA and organized crime were involved in the JFK conspiracy, but the role of Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad, was the long-suppressed “missing link” that was finally unveiled in this titanic work.

Final Judgment dissects the theories you’ve heard over the years about the JFK assassination and demonstrates the one little-known thing they have in common: the long-secret Israeli connection.

Now in two volumes, this extraordinary work demonstrates beyond any doubt that JFK was involved in a bitter, behind-the-scenes battle with Israel over that nation’s determined effort to build nuclear weapons of mass destruction, and that the Israeli connection to the murder of President Kennedy is the common thread that ties together the whole amazing story of the JFK assassination in a way that finally makes sense.

More on this book here.




The Shocking Never-Before-Told Story Of the Infiltration and Subversion of the American Nationalist Movement (by the FBI, ADL, CIA and Mossad)

This amazing work demonstrates how, during the course of the 20th century, paid agents and disruptors, working on behalf of the Zionist cause and for the international interests of the Rothschild banking empire, infiltrated and subverted American nationalist and patriotic groups.

Here is a detailed overview of the intrigues of the infamous Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, the corruption of the FBI and the CIA by Zionist elements, the evidence pointing toward Israeli involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing, the strange, little-known story of how Trotskyite elements seized command of the American “conservative” movement and also played a role in manipulating Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy’s hunt for communists in high places, a study of the secret powers behind Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, and much, much more.

Every chapter is loaded with revelations; large photo section; political dynamite . . .

Here is the table of contents:

Identifying the Subversive Forces
Strange World of the Judas Goats
Nationalism: Prime Target of Zionism
The Return of COINTELPRO
Inside the “Controlled Opposition”
The Soviet “Trust” Model
J. Edgar Hoover and the Enemy Within
John Roy Carlson: Judas Goat
The Great Sedition Trial of 1944
Collaboration Between the ADL & FBI Accusing Patriots of Being “Traitors”
Walter Winchell: Zionist Front Man Capitol Hill
Judas Goat: A Zionist Spy
The ADL’s Secret Role in Firings
The ADL: U.S.-based Spy Agency
Firsthand Encounters with Roy Bullock
The ADL Spy Scandal Breaks
The Struggle Between Stalin & Zionism
Zionist Infiltration of the Soviet KGB
Secret Foundation of the Neo-Cons
Neocons Are Trotskyites
Story Behind Joseph R. McCarthy
The FBI & the Communist Party
USA, The Cold War & Trotskyite “Neocons”
The Zionist Vanguard Early Zionist Corruption of Nationalists
William F. Buckley Jr.: Judas Goat
The Vatican’s Own Enemy Within
Fr. Malachi Martin’s Secret Role
“Conservatives” Loot American Patriots
Manipulation of “Anti-Communists”
Advancing the Zionist Agenda
The John Birch Society: Judas Goats
The Rise and Fall of Human Events
Intelligence Agency Manipulation
Sun Myung Moon: Rockefeller’s Man
A Major Media Judas Goat
Drew Pearson & Jack Anderson: Shills
Convincing “Right Wing” Patsies to Kill
CIA Infiltration of the Anti-War Movement
Bill, Hillary and John Kerry Play Roles Zionist
“Goats” Ruined GOP in 1940
Judas Goats Ruined Democrats in 2004
The Sad Story of Jesse Helms
Gingrich: Judas Goat from the Start
The FBI-ADL-Mossad Nexus
The First Attack on the WTC
FBI-ADL Nexus & the Waco Holocaust
Andreas Strassmeir & Kirk Lyons
Timothy McVeigh and the ADL
What Really Happened in OKC?
Talmudic Justice: Michael Chertoff
Victims: Jim Traficant and David Duke
The Fox “News” Phenomenon
Past, Present & Future Agenda
U.S. Patriots Declared “the Real Enemy”
Modern-Day “Thought Police”
Zionist Takeover of Law Enforcement
Jared Taylor’s Zionist “Nationalism”
The “Israelization” of America

More on this book here.


The NEW JERUSALEM: Zionist Power in America

The first-ever in-depth, thoroughly documented, fact-filled study of the vast array of wealth and power accumulated by the Zionist elite in the U.S. today.

The New Jerusalem: Zionist Power in America is an eye-opening inside look at the American Zionist elite today, the most thorough, fact-filled comprehensive up-to-date overview on the subject yet published. Here, between two covers for the first time is hard data and information, taken primarily from mainstream pro-Zionist sources, relating to the power of the Zionist elite in America today. . . .

This one-of-a-kind survey doesn’t focus on the “Israel lobby” or on the historic role of the Zionists in intrigues of the past. There are lots of books, and some very good books, on those subjects. Instead, The New Jerusalem examines, in stark detail, the incredible array of wealth and clout of the American Zionist community, demonstrating, beyond any question, that the Zionists undeniably constitute the “power elite” in the United States today.

And we’re not just referring to their well-known influence over the American media. A lot of folks have written about that. . . . Instead, The New Jerusalem goes much, much farther. For the average individual to assemble this information would cost hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars and dozens of hours of research.

Many of the books cited are out of print and hard to find, but Mike’s sources are all “mainstream” authors and sources and all pro-Zionist. This is an invaluable resource volume you’ll refer to time and again in debating with friend and foe alike, writing letters to the editors of local newspapers, calling radio talk shows, and in the course of research. Here are just some of the highlights. . . .

A detailed overview of some 200 major Zionist families. . . .

Who they are. What they own. Where and how they made their vast fortunes. Some names you’ll recognize. Many you won’t. This is the first time EVER that this information is being made available to grass-roots Americans. You’ll be amazed at the details that Mike has compiled: hundreds of cold, hard facts and figures about the sources of Zionist wealth and power in America; the industries they dominate; their impact on culture and society; their vast influence on the education system; the names of Zionist political action committees; how Zionist voting power is magnified.

The first-ever complete accounting of the Zionist names appearing in the 2004 list of the famous Forbes 400 list of the billionaires and mega-millionaires in America today—available nowhere except in the pages of The New Jerusalem (and not even in Forbes itself!).

Table of Contents 

Semites and Anti-Semites: The Conflict of the Ages

America’s ‘New Elite’ 
A Candid & Sympathetic Overview of That Most Difficult Topic

Corruption “American” Style: ENRON 
The Little-Publicized (But Very Big) Zionist Connection

The INSLAW Affair: 
Zionist Control of the Courts and the U.S. Justice Department

The Bronfman Gang 
The Royal Family of American Jewry

Two Major Media Giants: 
The Meyer-Graham and Newhouse Empires

America’s Wealthiest and Most Powerful Jewish Families: 
Those Who Reign Supreme

Who Towers Behind Trump? 
The Strange Story of “The Donald”

Cold, Hard Facts &Figures 
Zionist Power in America Today—According to Jewish Sources

Jewish Names in the Forbes 400 (2004) 

A Final Judgment . . . 

Modern-Day Zionist Philosophers: “America is The New Jerusalem.” 

Some Parting Thoughts: 
The Wave of the Future

Bibliography of Sources 


For Further Reading . . . 


A Letter from the Author 

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The NEW BABYLON: Those Who Reign Supreme

While there is much discussion today about a concept known as “The New World Order,” (NWO) the pathetic fact remains that most of those doing the talking about the NWO refuse—and adamantly so—to address its real origins, its real nature.

Over the years there has been quite a bit of material published that points in the direction of what the NWO constitutes, and it is the purpose of this volume to assimilate and assemble that material which correctly describes the NWO and the philosophy upon which it is founded.

There is also an extraordinary amount of misinformation and deliberate dis-information about the NWO floating about today, much of it on the ever-increasingly influential Internet.

Unfortunately, much of this thoroughly fallacious material is being promulgated by self-styled “patriots” who ignore or suppress the uncomfortable, cold, hard truth that the origins of the NWO are found in the series of Jewish religious commentaries known as the Talmud, an often vile occult work that is the basis of Jewish religious thinking today, just as it was when it first emerged during the Jewish “captivity” in Babylon.

World conquest is the ultimate aim. Our America, the blood of its young people, and our national treasure, are being used to advance that agenda through imperial wars that have ushered in an era in which mankind could face a nuclear Holocaust.

Our purpose here is to delineate the philosophical foundations of the NWO as it is being instituted, as those who desire a NWO would have it set in place.

The origins of the NWO are indubitably clear and the forces that are bringing this NWO into being are readily apparent. Its proponents have very real faces and names. These modern-day Pharisees are not hidden behind obscure, impossible-to-pinpoint entities such as “The Illuminati” or a “German death cult,” as some would have us believe.

The NWO forces have coalesced around the international empire of the Rothschild Dynasty whose tentacles now reach into the highest levels of the American system. The NWO is real and this is what it is all about. I am personally indebted to all those who came before me in exploring this troublesome topic in no uncertain terms. I hope I have done their work justice in mine.


America—The “New Babylon” … 21
John McCain: American Disciple of the Rothschild Empire … 29Introduction: 
Intertwined Realities—Jews, Israel, Money & Power:
Taboo Topics in Our Modern World … 37Chapter One: 
The Talmud and the Origins of the New World Order … 57

Chapter Two: 
The Jewish Utopia: The New World Order … 77

Chapter Three: 
Zionism is Judaism: The Foundation for a Global Jewish Imperium … 87

Chapter Four: 
The Rise of the International Jewish Money Power … 107

Chapter Five: 
The Reign of the House of Rothschild: The Framework for a Global Jewish Imperium … 119

Chapter Six: 
The City of London: The Jewel of Rothschild’s Imperial Crown … 145

Chapter Seven: 
America: First a Colony, Then the Engine of Power … 157

Chapter Eight: 
Yes, The Jews Do Control the Media … 177

Chapter Nine: 
The “New Establishment”—Jewish … 183

Chapter Ten:
The Bronfman Gang: The “Royal Family” of American Jewry … 193

Chapter Eleven: 
The “Dukes and Duchesses” of the Rothschilds’ American Court:
The Thirty Most Powerful Jewish Families … 203

Chapter Twelve: 
The “Lords and Ladies” of the American Jewish Aristocracy:
The Third Tier of the Rothschilds’ Court Families … 221

Chapter Thirteen: 
The Jewish Tacticians … 243

Chapter Fourteen: 
Jewish Power in America: The “Greatest Triumph” … 247

Will the House of David Reign Supreme? … 257

Index … 265

Other Books of Interest: 
The Works of Michael Collins Piper … 267

A Letter From the Author … 280

You can purchase this book here.